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April 28 2012

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For some reason, I adore this.

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Because I know y'all missed me...

Here’s what’s new in my life:

  • I’m busier and more stressed than ever.
  • I can’t catch a break.
  • I’m incredibly confused about my views on dating.
  • I feel utterly overwhelmed.
  • I got told I’m kinda “plain jane” ugly.
  • I keep slipping into stupid situations where it would be easy for guys to take advantage of me.
But there are some positive things:
  • Prom is tomorrow.
  • I’m having fun with a lot of my new friends.
  • I’m losing weight - the HEALTHY way.
  • My life is clearing up slowly but surely.
  • Been fairly happy lately despite my stress.

And now? Rant time.

Okay, first off, I am BEYOND ticked at my English teacher. Like this weekend is prom, and all the teachers are easy on us right? WRONG. All the teachers except my English teacher. She assigned us 70 WHOLE PAGES in a book over the weekend. Last book we read, literally less than a fourth of the class was caught up with her assignments. She keeps telling us “Oh, I try to only assign 20 pages a night” when she really gives us like 40 every night. We have told her time and time again that we can’t keep up with her reading. Like we’re teenagers juggling loads of homework, sports, church, and potentially a social life. YOUR class is not the only class we have homework in. If I don’t get home until after 8 most nights, it is not physically possible for me to keep up with your work. 

Then, if I can’t get something done on time, I take responsibility, go talk to her and try to work out a late grade. She counts a TON of points off. Normally, I would accept this, except for she doesn’t take off points from ANY of the students that turn it in late with no explanation. Like seriously? I’m trying to be responsible, and I get points off, and they slack off and get perfect grades? Come on.

THEN, I asked some of the seniors what the AP English class does (I’m in Pre-AP), and they said our class is way harder than theirs. Like all they have for homework is vocab and a year long project. Occasional papers and tests. THEY READ IN CLASS. WE, on the other hand, get 40 pages to read per night, a paper AND a test on every novel we read, and vocab homework. 

Anyways, rant over for now. I’m just completely infuriated.

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April 25 2012

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